Monday, 30 October 2017

Pumpkin Carving| Family Time & injuries!

ITS HALLOWEEN..... Well not quite yet, but by the time this post is live it'll be pretty damn close so technically it is the same thing. Me and Andy don't really do holiday festivities, so this year I decided to change that and headed to ASDA for Pumpkins. We were going to dress up and have a Halloween night, but trying to persuade him to do anything that is considered #couplegoals is near impossible!!!

Last Saturday I visited my parents, headed to their local ASDA and quickly scooped up the last extremely dishevelled Pumpkins. I was happy to get them, but disappointed that we got two rather rubbish ones. After purchasing the goods I noticed that the security staff were putting out new ones and kindly asked if I could swap them, my lack of make-up obviously worked and they must've thought I was about 12 and helped me pick two much better Pumpkins. A huge thank you to the Ellesmere Port security staff for this, you made a 22 years old day... Plus I got some pretty funky pumpkins to carve. 

I managed to get my two bundles of joy home with limited damage, I had visions of dropping them, creating a pumpkiny mess on the floor and scaled the stairs to the flat. Andy was drunk at this point so carrying a Pumpkin wasn't going to end well... Another thing you'll notice in this blog is that Andy likes to drink and be drunk- A LOT. Anyway the Pumpkins laid on the table until today when we started the Pumpkin carving process. 

What you'll need: a pumpkin; various tools for cutting a spoon, markers and a tea light. For those of you with children I totally understand why they need adult supervision for this task... At 22 I cut myself more times than I'd like to admit and at one point almost sliced my face with a knife. (There's a reason I'm hoping to be a solicitor and not a teacher). It's much harder than it looks and I am thoroughly convinced I never carved a Pumpkin as a child, because I found the whole process bewildering. I decided I wanted to make Pumpkin Rick. If anyone has seen Rick and Morty and the episode where he turns himself into a pickle then you'll get the joke... Me and Andy also joke that he is the Morty to my Rick, although I think we have both throughly concluded that after this exercise perhaps he is the more intelligent of the two. Andy chose a more traditional pumpkin and off we both set for carving. I found it easier to cut the top, and scoop the insides out with a spoon. This was a difficult task as I wanted to keep the seeds for later. I then drew out my design, after changing it for the millionth time, and used the knives to begin carving. It took about an hour for mine, however Andy's took him about 5 minutes. I think you can all guess who was more dedicated to this task...

As you can see from the above photographs you get a lot of Pumpkin seeds. I'll have a post live in a few days about what I have done with them. I have a few top tips which I believe help with the whole process. Top Tip number one is to use a cup to mark a circle at the top, this is much easier than free handing a circle and having a guideline to follow prevented any further accidents for us. Tip number two is to use whiteboard markers, you can rub out your design if you go wrong and the design can be removed once you've finished carving giving you a flawless Pumpkin. Number three has got to be using the smallest and I mean smallest knife you can reasonably find! I used the smallest kitchen knife we had and ended up with so many small cuts and nicks. And finally number five is to have fun with it. I got quite stressed about the more adventurous design I chose, but now I've got my Pumpkin Rick I couldn't be happier! 

We had a lot of fun creating our designs and finally got to do something which is holiday related! And without further ado we introduce 'Pumpkin Rick' and I actually don't know what Andy has called him Pumpkin... 

Until Next Time
Tori & Andy

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