ZIZZI'S Cheshire Oaks | A Food Review

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

If you're a regular follower of Toris Edit or even my Instagram account then you pretty much know that I am obsessed with food and finding decent places to eat. Even if you're new to the blog and have had a quick look through the categories above you can see that the two topics I mainly post about are Travel and Food... 2018 is likely to be no exception to this rule, but hopefully posts will be a bit more regular with at least one post every week! 

After we arrived back in the UK from our beautiful trip to Sorrento (which you can read about HERE) I experienced my first case of serious holiday blues. I had come back and got thrown into reality extremely quickly with a trip from Nottingham to Chester all in the name of dog sitting. The holiday blues hit full force and I found myself scrolling through Instagram looking at people who were still in Sorrento and whinging about how much I wanted to go back and mainly how much I missed the sunshine and food. To remedy this and I'm positive he only did this, because of the aforementioned whinging Andy took me to Zizzi's in Cheshire Oaks. We figured it was Italian themed and may ease my hunger pangs for Italian food, because boy do they do food perfectly. 

For Starters we ordered a cheese fondue with dough balls and some Garlic Bread. Both were lovely and despite it being a Saturday we received exceptionally speedy service. I would highly recommend the Cheese fondue, because this was delicious and the left over cheesey dip was lovely on the Garlic Bread. For Mains I ordered the Lentil Ragu which is also Vegan. For those of you who are attempting 'Veganuary' I highly recommend Zizzi's as they have quite a few Vegan options which are truthfully delicious. On the side I got some herb potatoes as I wanted to load up on Carbs before getting back to the reality of a diet. The drinks menu was exquisite and pictured above was a summer Gin Cocktail although I don't think this is still being offered on the menu. Zizzi's is relatively cheap too, which was a bonus after the holidays. Writing this post has made me ridiculously hungry so I think I'm off to make some food! 

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