Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Maybelline Baby Lips (Intense Care) Review | Beauty

This is a bit of a surprise on the blog. Toris Edit has had a Beauty section since we were established in July 2017, however with having so much Travel and Lifestyle content I put Beauty on the back burner. There are so many amazing Beauty bloggers out there already that I didn't believe 'Toris Edit' had a place so to speak. After taking some time away from Beauty and really soul searching I have concluded that Beauty posts were one of the main reasons I first started blogging (years upon years ago) and I wouldn't want to lose the main reason for beginning blogging. So without further ado here we go with our first Beauty related post (Please be kind as we have been out of it for quite a while!)

As girls we are absolutely over run with the sheer volume of choice we have for lip products. I am an avid purchaser of lip-balm, mainly because I lose every tube I bloody own, and when I say I have tested the market I am pretty convinced I have tested the whole market. I purchased this little yellow tube of sunshine from the Superdrug near my work after forgetting my trusty vaseline. I didn't want to splurge as quite frankly I knew I would provably use it for the day, leave it in my work drawer and completely forget about it. Baby lips was on sale at the time for £2.99 and I had seen so many people rave about it on Twitter so I thought why not. 

At first I must admit I wasn't too sure about the formula. Other lip balms feel very nourishing without feeling oily, however Baby lips made mine feel a mixture of moisturised, but slightly oily. It was a great product for when my lips were overly dry and needed deep nourishment. It also worked great when I had a cold and needed to moisturise my nose, but hadn't brought any moisturiser to work with me. A multi-functional lip balm is always a necessity and the picture above shows how much I do genuinely love this product (not very bloggeresk, but at least you know this post is authentic and the product tried and tested). 

My favourite use of this lip balm is to use as a base for lipstick. I find lipsticks can really dry my lips out so whilst doing my other make up I use Baby lips as a nourishing treatment or lip mask. After the rest of my make-up is complete I dap my lips with a tissue to remove any excess product, line my lips and then apply my lipstick. This helps my lipstick last for hours without needing to be topped up which is also a bonus. I do like to use Baby lips as a topcoat to some of my lipsticks if I fancy a more glossy look, this doesn't make the lipstick feel sticky like some glosses can, has the same effect and ensures I have lovely lipstick for most of the evening. 

Would I re-buy Baby lips? At the moment, no as I have so many other lip balms that I want to try and test, however as this is one of the few lip balms Andy will use other than vaseline I think I will need to purchase another tube in the next few weeks. I think I'll have to branch out and purchase some other variations though. 

Overall I would rate this product an 8/10. It is a great handbag companion and has been a saviour during work hours. There is a 3 for 2 offer on Baby lips at the moment and I have seen this offer in a few stores. I do love a good bargain!

I hope you have liked one of our first beauty posts! You can find the Beauty section of 'Toris Edit' here so keep your eyes peeled for more content that will be dropping soon! I would love your feedback on my posts so please feel free to contact me via my social media channels or look on the 'Contact' page. 

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