Monday, 5 March 2018

Sunshine Blogger Award| Tag

I was so happy when Kerry from 'Step in Time' invited me to partake in the Sunshine Blogger Award.  Please check out her post using the link above. The credit for the header goes to the creator of The Sunshine Blogger Award and also to Kerry as this was taken from her post. As far as I am aware this has been doing the rounds for a while and so many of you have sadly already done this Tag... That being said I didn't want to let the girls down so decided that if you read this and fancy being tagged let me know and I'll come up with 10 questions for you to answer and tag you in this post. There are a few simple rules- Tag the lovely blogger who nominated you, answer there questions, create 11 of your own and tag other bloggers who you'd like to see their answers! (As mentioned above I haven't created any or tagged as I am super late to the party on this way- Sorry!) 

Lets get into the questions!

1) What TV series are you hyped about at the moment? 

I have watched so many TV shows at the moment it is actually rather disturbing... If I had to chose one it would have to be Life and Death Row on BB2. It follows the legal battles of inmates who are sentenced to Death via Lethal Injection and follows them and their families up until the date of their execution. It is helping highlight the Death Penalty in America and show how inhumane this practice genuinely is. It is rather emotional and frustrating to watch at certain times, but certainly educates people and may even deter those who are attempting to reinstate the Death Penalty in the UK (something I am 100% convinced you will never do, but that is for another day and certainly not a topic I would wish to discuss here). I would highly recommend you give it a watch! 

2) If you could move and live anywhere in the world, where would you chose? 

One place has stolen my heart and I would love to move to Australia. I have family who currently live there and they are just living the dream. 6AM beach runs and cocktails after work, they are just living their best life right now and I am so jealous. I need a warm country as I am convinced I am part reptile due to my inability to produce heat like any other normal human being. There legal system is pretty similar so I wouldn't have to do an awful lot to convert my degree either. Definitely a retirement goal or if I'm lucky a goal for the next 10 years! 

3) What is your dream job? And what was your dream job when you were younger if it has changed?

I have always wanted to be a Solicitor. Probably stems from the fact that I very much look up to my eldest cousin who is like a sister to me (I'm an only child!) and whilst I was growing up/choosing my career she was already way into her studies and working at a law firm, so I think the idea stemmed from there. I have this crazy need to help people... So I guess helping them resolve their legal issues or ensuring they had a fair trial and that justice was actually done will help satisfy this. 

4) Your staple product and why?

My NARS foundation... I love love love it! It is one of the best purchases I have every made and although it has a £32 price tag it is definitely worth every penny. The colour is a perfect match and lasts all day. It is lightweight, but has heavy coverage and the concealer paired with the foundation leaves a blemish free canvas to work with. Absolutely perfecto! 

5) If you could change one thing about the blogging community, what would you change?

The bitchiness... I am so sick of scrolling through Twitter and seeing people throwing shade at each other. A tip, Drama doesn't make you relevant! It just pisses off those of us who have been around for a while and miss how things used to be. I can't describe how different things are from how they used to be! I know a few people will be like what?! and disagree, but we've lost so many wonderful bloggers for this very reason. One of my all time Favourites 'Birds Words' left and her last post just summed everything up... (I can't currently find the post so not sure if her Blogspot blog has now been removed). I've had  few different blogs and have been around for a few years to sort of be able to comment. I'm not a 'popular blogger' but that's okay! I'm happy doing me and sharing my crazy thoughts with you all. 

6) What do you love to read about most and why?

I literally love reading all sorts of posts. I love a good scroll through my Twitter feed with a brew and nosying at what you've all being doing. I think I like travel posts, because I love planning my next trips and I have become a tad obsessed with Home renovations too since we're planning to move shortly! 
7) Favourite disney film and character?

This is tough... I suppose Pocahontas or Elsa and Frozen. Pocahontas taught us about strong women who fight for what they believe in and it wasn't all about the romance. Elsa is a queen and represents real 'girl/women power'. 'You can't marry a man you just met' like Yes Girl!!! Throw that shade at previous Disney princesses... I think a deeper meaning I took away was that it's okay to ask for help if you're struggling and family can help you overcome your problems. Elsa attempts to deal with her power on her own and struggles, but once Ana knows she finds ways to help and Elsa can then use her powers for good. The sisterhood bond is also strong in this film and Olaf, the dancing snowman, really brightens my day!

8) Which is your go-to social media?

Facebook or Instagram. For my blog it is Twitter, but personal use is mainly the first two. I don't really have a reason why as I just scroll aimless through both and waste my life, but hey ho what other 22 year old doesn't?

9) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to own my own home and hopefully be a fully qualified solicitor! A girl can dream as currently both of those are slipping away faster than that Raccoon loosing his candy floss in the water (I can relate to that little guy so much!)

10) Why did you start blogging?

To cope with exam stress last year. I had other previous blogs, but none had clicked as my own identity and I couldn't really make them work sadly. I then created Toris Edit and it clicked as a brand and is something I am now extremely proud of!! 

11) If you could go back in the past, would you change anything? If so, what and why? 

Truthfully, nothing! I never thought I would say this, but everything in my life is where I want it to be. I live with a wonderful man and we're about to purchase a home. My career is going much better than expected and fingers crossed my degree will go well and I can achieve a 2:1! Everything in my life has led me to this moment and I couldn't be happier! 

I hope you liked this post... We don't often do tag videos here so I'm really happy that we've been able to do one! As I have messed up my blogging schedule this week you'll be getting two posts waheyy! 

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Until Next Time

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