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Monday, 15 October 2018

Recently, we were lucky enough to head to our first ever ladies day at Chester Races. The guys at Foxy Bingo, Capital and Chester Races put on an amazing day... I'll have a post about the event going live next week so keep your eyes peeled and follow our social media to keep up to date. 

This is a first for Toris Edit! We never and I repeat never branch out into Fashion, you #fbloggers are way too fashionable and on trend for me. But recently I have found myself loving my wardrobe, picking up some versatile pieces and quite frankly kinda feeling my style! (It's the little things in life) So I thought I would branch out into some Fashion posts and see what the reception is. If you guys hate it I'll obviously go back to our regular niche...

I should point out that the day we went was bizarre weather, it was cloudy and cold one moment and the roasting the next... BLOODY NIGHTMARE TO DRESS FOR!! I opted for the above ensemble and Andy chose to go classic in his suit. 

Outfit Details:-


DRESS  - Boohoo - This is the Boutique Crochet Panelled Bodycon Dress in Grey, although as you can see from the picture it is a very light grey colour. It cost me around £20 with my student discount, but can be brought here for £20. They also have it in the cutest red colour, which would be perfect for Christmas. 

SUNGLASSES - Rayban - My trusty £40 Duty free Bargain when we headed to Budapest and they are my babies... The cheapest I can find a similar pair for you guys is £86, and they can be brought here

SHOES - ASDA - My first pair of actual Court shoes (legit Court shoes) and they were £20. I got these five years ago for my first trip to Court in sixth form. I have found a similar pair for £30 from ASOS. They can be brought here

There is also this very similar pair from New Look for £19.99 although mine do not have the snakeskin strap, which I actually think is a cute touch. You can purchase the New Look version here.

CLUTCH - ASDA - Again a cheeky shopping bargain. This was brought years ago and is a timeless piece that goes with almost every outfit I own. I haven't been able to find a dupe for this at all unfortunately. There are lots of clutch bags for cheap in places like Primark and even Ebay. 

I didn't accessorise my outfit on the day bar my Michael Kors rose gold watch and Pandora rings, which I rarely leave at home. Solely because our taxi came early and I needed to rush out the door.


SUIT - Topman - We brought Andy's suit for a window last year and I cannot find the exact one. (The importance of being on trend I guess). You can buy a very similar one here for a £100

SHOES - Burton - These were brought at the same time as the suit, but Mens shoes very rarely go out of fashion. These can be brought here for £35. 

The beauty about Ladies Day was that anything went Fashion wise. Everyone celebrated their own unique style and not one person questioned it. I do wish I had worn something longer or more elegant, but it was a last minute decision to go! Watch this space for next year!! 

Hopefully you enjoyed the little bit of new on the blog and if you liked this post please follow our social media as it really helps support my little blog! 

Until Next Time 


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