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Monday, 3 December 2018

I could have split this into a few posts, but I decided that the best thing to do would be to whack this all into one huge empties haul. Especially since we are getting rid of lots of things in preparation to moving (EEK!!!!). 

First empty on my list is the Reincarnation Mask by Bleach London. As a lot of you will know I recently went from brown to blonde, back to brown and back to blonde again in the space of a month.  This mask saved my life... It nourishes and hydrates, which leaves bleached/ dyed hair feeling revitalised and silky smooth. A definite re-purchase, even though I have two full tubes left. I cannot get enough of the stuff... 

Second empty is the Liz Earle nourishing treatment mask. I got this when I first got obsessed with skincare and the Liz Earle range. There was a deal where you got three miniatures for a £1 on top of your order, which was an absolute bargain. The mask itself doesn't smell too great, as the product is all natural it is only fragranced with the natural ingredients and this means it isn't fragrant. It is great for sensitive skin and leaves your skin soft to touch. I had a breakout of what I'd call hives or dry, red and bumpy skin which this mask helped sooth and reduce. Highly recommend and the fact you can purchase in mini size is perfect for those looking for a new mask and struggling to find the right skincare. 

Third empty is the baby lips, I have a review for this item here. I personally wouldn't purchase this product again as I have so many new lip products, which I am really excited to try out. 

Fourth empty is the chapstick lip balm. I love this as it is really nourishing and tastes so nice... (which is a bit of a weird one). It is really handy to keep in your handbag or in my case my car. Does anyone else do that, where you have a handbag lip balm, car lip balm, work lip balm and an at home work balm or is it just me? haha. 

Next empty is the Soap & Glory body buttercream. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Soap & Glory products are an absolute favourite of mine and I get new versions/ variations every year. I love the smell of this and how a small amount of product goes a long way. I'm making an effort to moisturise everyday, which is why I now have so many empties! I will certainly be purchasing this product again. 

Another body butter on my list and I also highly recommend any Body Shop body butters. This was a miniature version, which I received as a Christmas gift. I love the consistency of this body butter and the smell is incredible!

Another body butter and another favourite purchase. This formula is probably the best for dry skin and has helped with my peeling so much. I recently went to Egypt and whilst snorkelling I got burnt to shit... No exaggeration, but this was amazing and so soothing. Definitely perfect for this cole weather the UK is currently experiencing. 

As you can see a running theme here, I use a lot of moisturiser. The Palmers olive butter formula is another amazing moisturiser that works wonders for dry skin. This formula is quite thick and heavy so I'd recommend using this during the day or at least half an hour before bed! Certainly recommend, but I prefer my moisturisers to have a nice smell and this product lacks in this area for me. 

Final product on my empties haul is Aussie shampoo... A firm blogger favourite and a staple in my beauty regime. It is on the more expensive side for a shampoo, but I think it is certainly worth every penny you'll spend! The fragrance stays on your hair for days and leaves my hair so soft, silky and glossy. Probably one of my favourite products ever! Certainly recommend for those who are considering a purchase! 

That concludes my first ever empties post. I'm hoping you're all enjoying these new posts that are a little bit different for me. I apologise for the photography in these pics. I'm currently working from Mum and Dads and the natural light is zilch. My ring light isn't set up properly so the lighting is completely off and orangey. I'm hopeful we'll be moved in a few weeks time and I can finally set up my office/ dressing room. I'm hoping this move will mean greater content and hopefully will set Toris Edit back up... 

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